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Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI)

New Media

Cluster Contact

Anne Hoag
Associate Professor
Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications

About the New Media Cluster

Total number of credits in this cluster: 9

The New Media Cluster prepares students to capitalize on opportunities, and meet challenges, in the creation and distribution news, entertainment and information. The internet and digital technologies have transformed the world of media, and today anyone can be a media entrepreneur. However, the same technological innovations that make it easier to start a media enterprise have introduced a host of editorial, globalization, business and moral complexities.

Students who complete this cluster gain expertise and working knowledge in:

  • New media production and distribution
  • Media business models and management
  • New media technologies and law
  • Media ethics

Students who complete this cluster develop skills in five areas:

  • Research, report, write, shoot, record, edit and distribute news and entertainment for digital distribution
  • Possess foundational understanding of new media business and practices including marketing, pricing and distribution as well market impact of new technologies
  • Understand the basics of current ICE (information, communication and entertainment) technologies, how they work, their impact on society and markets and how to recognize innovation and maintain current knowledge
  • Know and value ethical practices in media production and distribution
  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of 1st Amendment rights and responsibilities, intellectual property (IP) rights and compliance, and Internet and international law as it applies to multimedia product distribution

Preferred Sequence of Courses for the Cluster

After completing MGMT215 and ENGR310, students taking the New Media cluster take COMM271, and then pick 6 more credits for the list of approved courses. At least three courses in this cluster must be 400-level courses. To conclude the minor, students take the final core course: MGMT/ENGR/IST425.

To meet the prerequisite requirement for MGMT/IST/ENGR 425, you must take one of the following:

  • ECON 102 Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • ECON 104 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • Both ECON 014 Principles of Economics and CAS 100 Effective Speech

New Media Course Options

Students first complete MGMT 215, Entrepreneurial Mindset, (along with prerequisites COMM 160 and COMM 260W if they are interested in taking New Media Cluster courses that require those prerequisites). Next, they complete ENGR 310, Entrepreneurial Leadership, concurrently or in sequence with COMM 271, Fundamentals of Multimedia. They then choose two courses (6 credits) from a list of eight 400-level COMM courses list below. Finally, they enroll in MGMT/ENGR/IST 425, New Venture Creation, for their capstone experience. No more than six credits may double-count in the minor and a Communications major.